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Database Design and Implementation - 38677 Words

PhyloInformatics 7: 1-66 - 2005 Relational Database Design and Implementation for Biodiversity Informatics Paul J. Morris The Academy of Natural Sciences 1900 Ben Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA Received: 28 October 2004 - Accepted: 19 January 2005 Abstract The complexity of natural history collection information and similar information within the scope of biodiversity informatics poses significant challenges for effective long term stewardship of that information in electronic form. This paper discusses the principles of good relational database design, how to apply those principles in the practical implementation of databases, and examines how good database design is essential for long term stewardship of†¦show more content†¦This is not to say that database design is not important. Good database design is vitally important for stewardship of biodiversity information. In the context of limited resources, good design includes a careful focus on what information is most important, allowing programming and database administration to best support that information. Database Life Cycle As natural history collections data have been captured from paper sources (such as century old handwritten ledgers) and have accumulated in electron ic databases, the natural history museum community has observed that electronic data need much more upkeep than paper records (e.g. National Research Council, 2002 p.62-63). Every few years we find that we need to move our electronic data to some new database system. These migrations are usually driven by changes imposed upon us by the rapidly changing landscape of operating systems and software. Maintaining a long obsolete computer running a long unsupported operating system as the only means we have to work with data that reside in a long unsupported database program with a custom front end written in a language that nobody writes code for anymore is not a desirable situation. Rewriting an entire collections database system from scratch every few years is also not a desirable situation. The computer science folks who think about databases have developed a conceptual approach to avoiding getting stuck in such unpleasant situations – the database life cycleShow MoreRelatedDatabase Design, Implementation, and Management2233 Words   |  9 PagesABSTRACT Database Design, Implementation, and Management — Gymnasium Database System As the world entering into a digital era, most of organizations use different kinds of database environment to achieve efficient management. A suitable database management system provides a set of tools for an organization to efficiently track and manage its data. The development of a database follows a database application lifecycle. It is a rather long process and requires a considerableRead More251143950 Database Systems Design Implementation And Management Coronel 11th Edition Test Bank Pdf4106 Words   |  17 PagesDatabase Systems Design, Implementation and Management Coronel 11th Edition Test Bank Click here to download the test bank INSTANTLY!!! http://www.solutionsmanualtestbank.com/products/2014/12/8/database -systems-design-implementation-and-management-coronel-11thedition-test-bank Database Systems Database Systems Database Systems Test Bank Database Systems Test Bank Design, Implementation and Management Coronel 11th Edition Test Bank Design, Implementation and Management Coronel 11th Edition TestRead MoreDad (Data Analysis and Design)1117 Words   |  5 PagesData Analysis And Design BTEC HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA Assignment Institute Name : IDM Computer Studies Pvt. Ltd. Unit Name : Data Analysis and Design Unit : Unit 13 Assignment Title : Understanding and Analysis, Design and Implementation of Database system. Date given : 10th May 2010 Date to be submitted : 20th July 2010 Lecturer : Mr. T. Shanakr Rational The objective of this assignment is to assure that theRead MoreMicrosoft Azure Sql Database Analysis893 Words   |  4 PagesMicrosoft Azure SQL Database: Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a cloud database service of Microsoft’s. I have worked with MSSQL Database during my job. Now I want to learn advance technology which is Sql Azure. In SQL Azure you have to use SQL Server authentication instead of Integrated Security. When you work with SQL Azure you don t need to spend any time on security patches, disk space, moving databases between different servers to handle increased load, etc. †¢ Real time database system: Real-timeRead Moreâ€Å"Logical Design, Part 1† Essay1428 Words   |  6 Pagestwo to three page paper titled â€Å"Logical Design, Part 1† whereas I am a recently hired consultant for ACME Global Consulting to procure requirements for a large database. In this scenario, â€Å"Logical Design, Part 1†, I will develop a database management systems to convince a set of clients of the benefits of using the Entity–Relationship model (E-R) in developing a database. In addition, my management would like the following points addressed in my design: (1). List the advantages of a relationalRead MoreIt2640 Week 5 Appendix B Essay639 Words   |  3 PagesAxia College Material Appendix B IT/260 Database Design Document Gift Shop Inventory Date Modified: 7-28-2010 Week:5 Part 1: Introduction (due Week Two) a) Application Summary I selected the Gift Shop Inventory application. b) Database Software I will use SQL 2008 Express Edition. This software closely resembles the software I use at work. I am familiar with the flexibility of this software. I am very comfortable in using SQL 2008. SQL is alsoRead MoreEvolution of Data Models1122 Words   |  5 Pagesroughly chronological order. 1.1 The Hierarchical Model A Hierarchical Database Model is a data model in which the data is organized into a tree-like structure. The structure allows representing information using parent/child relationships: each parent can have many children, but each child has only parent. All attributes of a specific record are listed under an entity type. Example of a hierarchical model In a database an entity type is the equivalent of a table. Each individual record is representedRead MoreData Modeling Concepts1133 Words   |  5 Pagesand the importance of data model. Building a good data model helps organizations in software development, data base design and product maintenance. The document explains the theory, even if it looks like the organizations are spending substantial amount of resources on developing data models, but still it helps organization, keeping the costs low and build a better product. Database constitutes of data structures and is represented by conceptual data structures. Data models are abstract models whichRead MoreDatabase Design Concept1054 Words   |  5 PagesApply the database development cycle to a given data set Database development creates enterprise data modeling, which forms the range and wide-ranging contents of organizational databases. There are 5 phases in Database Development Cycle: Planning; Analysis; Design; Implementation and Maintenance. Planning In Planning Stage, the organization needs to know why do they need the database; what do they want the database to do; and how are they going to make the database. This is also where theRead MoreData Warehousing Fundamentals For It Professionals1580 Words   |  7 Pagesthe design and implementations of database systems. Dr. Paulraj Ponniah has published few other successful books and, as Assistant Professor, he also continued teaching courses in college such as data warehousing and databases design. In addition to this book, he is also a renowned author of books based on the concepts such as Database Design and Development, Data Modelling Fundamentals, Database Design and Development: An Essential Guide for It Professionals with Visible Analyst Set,  Database Design

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Progressing into Free Market Economies - 1048 Words

The United States is a blessed nation to have freer markets than most. According to the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, the United States ranks as No. 10 in the most free market countries, while Zimbabwe ranks No. 175 out of the 177 countries listed. (1) How are countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the U.S. ranked so high? With social cooperation, income inequality, comparative advantages, freedom of trade, sound money, reductions in taxes and regulations, and protection of property rights, more markets in other countries will too progress into free market economies. Walmart is the largest chain of supermarkets in the United States today with over 3,000 stores located across the country. I have always liked buying from Walmart simply because it has the largest selection of a variety of goods at low prices. On the cereal aisle alone, there are eleven cereal brands: Quaker, Uncle Sam, Weetabix, Cap’n Crunch’s, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Kashi, Sunbelt Bakery, Post, Malt O-Meal, and Great Value. The bigger companies had sub-brands. Quaker had cereals like Life, Oatmeal Squares, Natural Granola, and Simply Granola. General Mills tied with Kellogg’s with the most types of cereal such as Cheerios, Chex, Lucky Charms, Trix, Fiber One, Golden Grahms, Wheaties, Total, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Hershey’s Cookies and Crà ¨me, Reese’s Puffs, Dora the Explorer, and Kix. Kellogg’s provided Frosted flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Krave, Scooby Doo, Corn Flakes, Smorz, Fiber Plus,Show MoreRelatedThe Government Of Norway Is A Constitutional Monarchy984 Words   |  4 PagesNorway is a Constitutional Monarchy. Norwegian economy is a mixed economy, it has a private sector, and a considerable state sector, with a wide ranging social safety net. Key areas are contained by the Government such as the petrol sector. There is considerable regulation and state majority owned businesses. Norway is abounding with natural resou rces, hydropower, fish, forests, minerals and, of course the petroleum industry. Their biggest export market is petroleum. Petroleum is also their greatestRead MoreThe Change In Modern History Have Been Influenced By Many1316 Words   |  6 Pagesevolve the modern world through economic and social changes such as the dehumanization of workers, the reversed idea of individualism and the ideas used to increase profit in the factories. Steam engines had a profound influence on the shift of the economy into the modern era. The invention of steam engines â€Å"fueled the industrial revolution† and made transportation all across the globe faster and more efficient. They also allowed for a larger profit because it it improved industrial processes so thatRead MoreEssay on Triumph of The Nerds859 Words   |  4 Pagestheir Economy. The remarkable contribution and digital competition between the computer giants historically affected the economy of the world wide industry. The inception of an innovation, aimed at proliferating the productivity of the contemporary technology on a global scale, encouraged the nerds to establish digital empires that continue to thrive today. Computer Giants contributed in the economic boom, thereby increasing the employment, sales, and the commercial demand in the market. TheRead MoreA Comparative Perspective Of Post Communist Transition1357 Words   |  6 Pagesenergetically engaged in a radical economic transition, moving away from state capitalism and towards a free-market economy. But despite these parallels, the economic achievements of the two countries are drastically different-at least in the public perception, and especially so in the minds of investors. Economically booming China is viewed as a spectacular success story, while slowly progressing Russia is typically seen as a relative failure. At the very outset of the transition the Russian and ChineseRead MoreImperialism And The United States Experience During World War I855 Words   |  4 Pagesaffect them directly. Initially, the United States remained unconcerned and involved keeping their distance. A national foreign policy of neutrality reflected America’s inward looking focus on construction and management of its new powerful industrial economy but in large part with foreign capital . However, as conflict progressed in Europe, it became apparent that the threat to America’s interest was conceivably imminent and in need of immediate intervention and oversight. President Wilson believed anRead MoreAsean Goals1259 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose to prevent spread of communism and to stop disputes during the Cold War era. However, gradually through time, ASEAN came up with purposes and aims that could be beneficial for all member states. The aims mainly focus on the objectives of progressing economic grow th, ensuring peace and stability ,and collaboration and assistance among the members. Because of this ASEAN is divided into three particular sub-communities or more notably known as â€Å"the three pillars† to manage more effectively givenRead MoreBenefits Of International Trade1216 Words   |  5 PagesBenefits I. Augmentation and diversification of export opportunities by virtue of the Most Favoured Nation access to other members markets; II. growth of foreign direct investment, enhancing productivity and competitiveness III. Ability to invoke Art. 3:2 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU) assuring accessibility to unbiased, multilateral sanctions, and enforcement mechanisms. IV. Eligibility for Aid for trade projects, assistance and capacityRead MoreAutomotive Industry in Mexico1392 Words   |  6 Pagesdoing business in the automotive industry Searching facts to justify the settlement of US investment Student Name Professor Name Course Table of Contents Mexico, A Place for Doing Business in Automotive Industry 3 Introduction 3 Markets, Demographics, Resources 3 Business Environment 4 Cultural Environment 5 Economic Environment 5 Political Environment 6 Legal Environment 7 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 8 Introduction When establishing a business especially an automotiveRead MoreFinal Paper on Bw Resources Corporation1015 Words   |  5 PagesI. Introduction At the apex of stock market, much importance and approach was given to corporate governance in 1990. Companies tend to overlook corporate governance in a market where the economy is progressing. However, the significance of good governance becomes clearer when the market collapses. Companies having efficient board of directors can start to flourish during difficult times. The stock exchange is the icon of free market where prices are determined solely by of supply and demand andRead MoreEssay The United States: The Greatest Country of All1415 Words   |  6 Pagesresources, and expanding foreign markets. Striving into expansion, America believed that oversea trades will extremely recover the panic of 1983 which had the worst disastrous economic depression in the corruptions of businesses and banks. The United States were involved sugar industries in Hawaii which had become part of America’s territory. Hawaiian sugar industry was accelerating effectively on their plantations and sugar was sent to America from tax free (La Croix). Free from taxation, the United

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Sexual Appeals in Advertising and Their Effects on Consumers Free Essays

string(79) " women are drawn to them, perhaps with the desire of having goddess-like legs\." Sex Appeal is one such method of differentiation that suppliers have found and proven to be successful. By targeting our basic animalistic behaviour, namely the drive for sexual reproduction, firms have found that through a cleverly designed message containing sex appeal, they can attract and hold on to consumers’ attention, thus making it more likely for consumers to choose that particular product over another. On the other hand however,sexual content may not be communicative and might even have a detrimental effect on brand information processing. We will write a custom essay sample on Sexual Appeals in Advertising and Their Effects on Consumers or any similar topic only for you Order Now Using sex appeal in advertising is a time-tested technique that will probably be with us forever. If you are marketing a product or service, you need to be aware of the power of sex appeal in advertising and understand the nuances of using sex to market your wares. What is sex appeal in advertising? Appeals utilizing overt sexual information are common in mainstream consumer advertising. Sex appeal is pervasive in advertising and is used with increasing frequency. As advertisersseek out ways to break through clutter and draw attention to their messages, the use of sexually oriented appeals have been used as a communication technique . Previous research for advertising has documented that sexually oriented appeals are widespread, commonplace, and increasing. Typically, sex appeals have varied along two major dimensions; nudity and sexual explicitness. The escalating usage of sexual stimuli in advertising indicates that companies will advertise in a way that most effectively moves the product. And sex does sell; one only has to browse through popular magazines to realize how powerful a tool sex is. Why Sex Sells: The most obvious reason sex appeal works in advertising is that it grabs attention. Both males and females are attracted to this type of advertising. It is a powerful instinctive attraction that will take our focus from anything else we may be doing. And advertisers know this. They play off of our curiosity. They know that it will be more likely to be recalled than most other forms of appeals because of the generated interest. Also, many advertisers have found that overly controversial images, even if they are taken off of the air, will stir up discussions about the ad and the product associated with it. Even if someone does not agree with what is put on an ad, they are still talking about it. By those discussions being had, the name of your product stays in the minds of consumers longer. What to Be Careful of When Using Sex Appeal in Marketing: Make sure that people are not so distracted by the sexual appeal of the ad that they do not remember what the ad was for in the first place. It does not do any good to create a sensual or sexual message when all they can remember is the image and not the brand name. So, make sure the sexual/sensual image being used is connected in some way to the product or service being promoted. This will create a link between the two and make the viewer much more likely to remember the product or service being advertised. Many advertisers appeal to males in this way- buy the product, get the girl. Especially beer advertisements- generally, a group of average looking guys will be in a bar and by purchasing or drinking a certain brand, they will attract interest from an attractive girl across the room. What is considered acceptable varies from one location to another. In a large metropolitan area with a diverse, less conservative population, you might be more likely to produce more risque advertising versus a rural and conservative or religious community. Tailor the message to the people you are targeting, which includes understanding their feelings and beliefs on public sexuality. If you are setting up a business in a smaller community, make sure to note what other businesses do to advertise. Sex appeal may not be an acceptable form of appeal at all. It is not as attention-grabbing as it once was. There is still an element of surprise, but do not think that people will react or respond quite how they did when it was first being used. As we have become more and more surrounded by sexual images in movies and television, we have become almost desensitized to it, and an ad with half-dressed models does not nearly shock us as much as it would have twenty years ago. So, instead of just having a group of sexy girls or guys in an ad, try to find more subtle and unexpected ways to use sexuality in your message. Dove did this by using â€Å"real people† in their marketing campaigns that started a few years ago. They used the different kinds of beauty, body shape, and age to promote their products. This unexpected campaign, which premiered during the Super Bowl, was extremely successful because it was something different that they were remembered for doing. Sex appeal can be used in many ways. In short, make sure that the way you are using it is appropriate for the product that you are selling and the people you are selling it to. Amy Bax is interested in providing innovative informational resources to entrepreneurs. She is currently an MBA student at the University of Missouri – Columbia. We’re surrounded by advertisements that desperately compete for our attention. Everywhere we look, we find ourselves inevitably drawn to images of scantily clad attractive men and women that are supposed to somehow inspire us to purchase products they endorse. Sure, this attention-getting strategy is popular. Is sex appeal effective? Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because it attracts the customer’s attention. It’s human nature to be curious about sex. A pair of long legs on a billboard is more likely to catch (and hold) a guy’s attention than a puppy, regardless of how cute it may be. Even women are drawn to them, perhaps with the desire of having goddess-like legs. You read "Sexual Appeals in Advertising and Their Effects on Consumers" in category "Essay examples" However, misuse of sex appeal can be costly. Many campaigns deemed offensive have started brand boycotts that affect sales and damage brand reputation. Abercrombie Fitch has been involved in several scandals, the latest from their most recent catalog entitled â€Å"XXX Wet, Hot Summer Fun. † On April 18, 2002, only a week after the catalog hit the stores, the Illinois State Senate passed a resolution condemning AF’s advertising tactics. This resolution, backed by several nonprofit organizations, suggests citizens and shareholders boycott Abercrombie’s products and to take a stand against the company’s marketing strategies. Although sexy images in catalogs are not at all uncommon, â€Å"XXX Wet, Hot Summer Fun† featured naked boys and girls frolicking in natural settings. Not quite appropriate for an apparel catalog targeted at teenagers. Sex in advertising has stirred controversy for many years, an advertiser must be careful when incorporating it in a campaign. Great advertisers consider not only the attention-getting power of an advertisement or commercial, but also what kind of emotional response it provokes in customers. Studies show that the attractiveness of the endorsing model provokes positive responses. Nudity and graphic erotic content, while still increasing consumer’s attention, doesn’t really generate positive feelings among viewers. In other words, advertisers must be careful to avoid the â€Å"cheap shot,† which may negatively affect a brand’s image. To avoid that, the sexual content in advertising must be appropriate to the product category and have a proper underlying message. One spot, called â€Å"The Premature Pour,† shows a beautiful seductive woman pouring Heineken into a glass. When a guy across the bar responds by pouring his own, he nervously pours too fast and spills foam all over the table and himself. The sexual content is implicit, yet direct. The sexual reference in this and other spots in the campaign worked, causing sales to rise 13% in the first two quarters of 2002. However, Steve Davis (VP of marketing in Heineken USA), claims that, â€Å"Provocative is a very good place to be, as long as we’re not inflammatory. But the spots also work for a different reason. From the tag line to the plot, they are about a desire for Heineken. Our ads make the beer the hero. † Sex sells, yes, but only when used â€Å"in good taste. † As marketers we must think not only in getting customers’ attention for the short term, but also in building a brand reputation that will yield long-term results. The positive roles of sex appeal in advertising: One might ask ‘why do advertisers promote sex appeal? ’ The answer in its purest form is thatit works well in most cases and according to Bumler (1999), most advertising executives usesex appeal as the most powerful weapon in their arsenal and therefore they use graphic images to get and hold on to audiences’ attention. From a marketing perspective, sexual appeal maybe advantageous for the simple reason that they prey on basic biological instincts and thus, an incredible motivational factor, which is a desirable attribute to break through clutter. Advertisements that attract attention have the increased likelihood to affect persuasion,especially in a saturated media environment typified by passive viewing exposure. Numerous research studies have revealed that sexual appeal, when used in advertising are attention grabbing, likeable, arousing, effect inducing, memorable, and somewhat more apt to increase interest in the topic advertised in comparison to non-sexual appeal. Sex appeal serves several crucial roles in advertising. Firstly,sexual material in advertising acts as an initial attention lure to the ad, which is referred to asthe stopping power of sex . Attention is a necessary condition for learning, attitudinal change and behavioral effects. A second function of sexual stimuli in advertising is to enhance message recall as sex is arousing, easy to relate, emotion inducing, and most of all, memorable. Finally, the third role of sexual content in advertising is to evoke emotional responses, such as feelings of arousal, excitement, or even lust, which in turn can create stimulation and desire for the product (Bumler 1999). This role may affect the consumer’s mood and can result in favourable cognitiveprocessing of the ad and increase the persuasion impact. Sex appeal in advertising is also effective ineliciting fantasy or expressing the imaginative fulfillment of motives, such as sexual gratification. Latour, Pitts, and Snook-Luther (1990) have provided insight into the emotional impact ofsexual appeals, specifically the level and nature of evoked arousal and attitudes toward theadvertisement and brand. They have found a direct relationship between the positive arousalevoked by sexual appeals and evaluations of the brand. Nonetheless, whether sexual appealelicits a positive or negative reaction depends on the appropriateness to the advertisedproduct. Richmond and Hartman (1982) ascertain that sexual stimuli will enhance brand recallonly if it has an appropriate relationship with the product category and the advertisingexecution. When sex appeal is used inappropriately, such as utilizing it solely as an attentiondevice, exploiting the female body, degrading the female role or insulting propriety, weakbrand recall may occur and may in fact produce a negative attitude towards the brand. This implies that the use of sex appeal in advertising must be appropriate to the type of products eing advertised and when sex appeal is used thoughtfully and appropriately, it may produceacceptable and satisfactory results. Negative effects of sex appeal in advertising: While studies have shown that overt sexual portrayals attract attention to an advertisement, other numerous advertising research have also suggested that inappropriate and excessive use of sexual content can actually have a number of negative effects. Consistently, studies have demonstrated that sexual appeals attract attention to the ad, typically without a corresponding advantage for brand information processing. Sexual content may be eye-catching and entertaining, but it may not be communicative and might distract the viewer from the message. When sexual stimulus is used in advertising, viewers’ perceptual and processing resources are directed toward the sexual information in the ad rather than toward the brand. The use of explicit sexual messages in advertisements may interfere with consumers’ processing of message arguments and brand information, which in turn may reduce message comprehension. Furthermore, initial devices such a sexual stimuli overwhelm the message, and are negatively correlated to both recall and persuasion. Finally, there has been evidence to suggest that overt sexual appeals may have detrimental effects on attitudes toward the ad and brand, and therefore may reduce purchase intention . These findings led MacInnis, Moorman, and Jaworski to advance the proposition that hedonic appeals, such as sexual stimuli, increase motivation to process the ad execution, but largely at the expense of the brand. All of these threaten to act as potential hazards of using sex appeals. The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) provides a framework to understand the role of sexual appeals in persuasion (Shimp 2003). According to ELM, persuasion can occur along a continuum of elaboration. Persuasion resulting from extensive issue-relevant thinking isreferred to as central route processing, whereby receivers engage in vigilant examination ofmessage information. As receivers’ motivation, opportunity, and ability decrease, receiversare less likely to engage in systematic elaboration and are consequently more likely to rely onperipheral cues to guide their decision-making. Evidence suggests that this process occurs in response to sexual appeals in advertising (Severn, Belch Belch 1990). It appears that numerous advertising utilizing sex appeal seems to get attention but do little for the advertised product. For instance, Judd and Alexander (1983) found that ads withdecorative female models increase memory for the image in the ad with no difference in actually reading the information of the ad. In particular, nudity and erotic content was found to increase attention to the ad, but not necessarily enhance recall or positive attitudes toward a brand. As a result, sexual appeals stimulate less argument elaboration and connecting thoughts than will non-sexual appeal. Additional evidence also suggests that, as the level of nudity and erotism increase, the intended communication effects either become negative or dissipate. Therefore, despite the persuasiveness of sexual appeals when used in advertisements, it is likely to be the result of peripheral processes and as a result may be transient. In addition to the aforesaid negative effects of advertising, bad uses of sex symbols in advertising may lead to unacceptable perception by audience. The widespread use of sex as an advertising technique has elicited significant consumer protest. On top of that, as clutter increases in advertising, consumers appear to be more able to physically avoid advertising and tune out . For this reason, every advertiser haspragmatic need to stand out. As marketers focus on developing messages that stand out, too many of them forget that their focus should not solely be on the executional devices, but on the core message. In order to investigate the abovementioned discrepancy with regards to the effects of sexual stimuli in advertising, we conducted a short survey on 20 subjects on their perception of ads that exploit sex appeal. The subjects, who consisted of eleven females and nine males, wereasked to browse through five different ads for 20 seconds. Two out of the five ads presented,employ sexual appeal as their core messages. The subjects were then required to answer a series of questions about the attractiveness of the ads and were then asked to recall the brand names. The survey questions, results, and advertisement stimuli are provided in Appendix 1. It was found that one of the ads utilizing sexual appeal (Ad 2) was rated as most appealing by the majority of subjects. Interestingly however, the other ad that displays explicit nudity (Ad) was rated as most unappealing and most subjects were unable to recall the brand name. We therefore concluded that sex appeal in advertising works well, but only if it is appropriate with the product context and within an appropriate level of explicitness. How to cite Sexual Appeals in Advertising and Their Effects on Consumers, Essay examples

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Traditional Culture and the Wellbeing of Indigenous Australians

Question: Describe about the Traditional Culture and the Wellbeing of Indigenous Australians? Answer: In 2012, nearly two-third of indigenous people aged 18 and above reported depression cases, which was doubled in proportion of non-indigenous people. Almost all 97% of indigenous Victorian experienced racism in the last 12 months. In a non- random sampling survey, it was found that two third among sampled population experienced racism and going through psychological distress such as depression and anxiety (Australian government, 2013). Goals are set which plays important role in nursing practice while taking care of indigenous people. These goals are , nurses should develop a relationship which is based on trust and empathy, should encourage indigenous participants with positive thoughts, should promote positive healthy behaviour including medication and healthy lifestyle compliance which includes diet, exercise, no smoking and limit alcohol consumption, should engage indigenous participants in social and support network, should ensure effective collaboration with other service provider to develop effective working environment and relationship, and should promote activities for families and people with depression (Queensland government). Important consideration for nurses while conducting evaluations of indigenous programs whose purpose is to promote mental health and well-being. Emotional stability programs, cultural and healing programs can have effective in development of the mental and social well-being of indigenous participants, mental health care program can increase high level of satisfaction among indigenous participants, and small scale evaluating program among indigenous and non-indigenous participants, can improved communications between them (Australian government, 2013). Studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of indigenous program, and it is found out that effectively participating in mental and social well-being program, indigenous people are positively benefitted. The social and emotional well-being program provides counselling to indigenous people suffering from depression. An evaluating program found out that, it provides counselling service to large no. of indigenous population affected by depression (Australian Institute of health and welfare, 2011). References: Dockery AM. (2011). Traditional culture and the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians: an analysis of the 2008 NATSISS. https://www.aihw.gov.au/closingthegap/ItemDetails.aspx?id=9457type=ac. Brave H. (2011). Historical Trauma among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: Concepts, Research, and Clinical Considerations. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. 43 (4), pp. 282290. Strategies and practices for promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. (2013). Australian government. https://www.aihw.gov.au/uploadedFiles/ClosingTheGap/Content/Publications/2013/ctgc-rs19.pdf. Caring for a person experiencing Depression. https://www.health.qld.gov.au/mentalhealth/docs/depression.pdf. Australian Institute of health and welfare. (2011). The health and welfare of Australias Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people an overview. https://www.aihw.gov.au/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=10737418955.